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Clearing Depression through Hypnotic Regression

Photo by Olivia Shaw

Photo by Olivia Shaw

If you truly want to heal a problem that seems to be a theme in your life, you must start in this moment and work backwards to clear the imprints. Hypnotic regression is very powerful in this regard..
— Rebecca Taylor Shaw

I will never forget that day in the counseling center at UVA.  It was the fall of 1985.   I was nineteen years old and I had just returned for my sophomore year of college.  My summer break had been stressful and I felt very depressedMy father’s alcoholism was growing progressively worse and my parents were in constant conflict.

By luck or  intention, they assigned me to the head of psychiatry at the counseling center.  I remember his demeanor was very matter of fact.  He said, “Your father is an alcoholic so the depression is most likely biological.   Therefore, I recommend you use antidepressants.”   I paused and reflected.  “How long will I have to take them?” I asked.   He shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head and then responded bluntly, “For life.”

For life?  I was shocked.  I didn’t say anything.  I was very shy back then.  I walked out with a prescription for Nardil and a long list of foods that I couldn’t eat while taking the drug.  ( Prozac wasn’t released until 1987.)

For three months, I took the medication as prescribed.  One day, I spoke to one of my best friends from high school over the telephone.  She remarked, “Are you okay?  You don’t seem yourself.  You seem numb.  I feel like I could tell you that your house was on fire and you would just say, ‘Where’s the marshmallows?’”

That comment somehow woke me out of a trance. I was numb. And underneath the numbness, I was angry! When the psychiatrist told me that I would need to take antidepressants for life, it felt like he had given me a death sentence. A voice inside of me said, “I refuse to accept this! I refuse to accept that I’m stuck!”

I went back to the counseling center the next day. I didn’t want to take the Nardil anymore. They reassigned me to a cognitive behavioral therapist. She helped me understand how my thoughts were directly influencing my emotions. I learned that you can put two people in the same situation, for example, on a ski slope. And the one of those people can be feeling happiness and the other mortal fear! The therapy was very empowering to me.

Unfortunately, the therapy took me to a place where I knew how I wanted to be thinking and feeling, knew how I NEEDED to be thinking and feeling to be happy and peaceful but I still struggled with bouts of depression even during the days when my life was, by all external measurements, a fantastic life!

I was one of those people who had done a significant amount of psychotherapy but still felt stuck.  I didn't know at the time but it was because, I hadn't healed on all levels mind, body and spirit.

Years later, refusing to believe I was stuck, I sought out hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapist told me that she suggested that we do some regression work to go to the source of my depression. I wasn’t excited about delving into my past. I will never forget her words, “Life is like driving a car. Sometimes you have to go backwards so you can go forward in the right direction.”

We did hypnotic regression work together and it was the missing piece for me in my journey to overcome depression. Hypnotic regression is an advanced clinical hypnosis technique.  Hypnosis seemed to clear the hidden wells of emotions that were there from childhood. It helped me to embody the thoughts and emotions that I wanted to have.

It’s an interesting thing that oftentimes what you heal within yourself will reveal your gifts to the world. I feel so blessed to have a sense of purpose that allows me to help others in the same way that I was helped.

This is my professional opinion and not a medical one. I believe that mental health is very valuable for healing on the mental level! If you’ve done that and you still feel stuck, you may want to use hypnosis to explore the problem at the emotional or soul level to find relief. Please seek assistance from your doctor or a licensed mental health professional prior to working with a complimentary health modality like hypnosis.

My work with clients is very intuitive. I am able to sense where you need to go. Each client is different and the sessions will be a combination of hypnotic regression, in-utero exploration, past life regression, and regression between lives depending on where you are still stuck.

If you have never worked with me before, I recommend you book an Initial Hypnosis Session. If you have worked with me before, you can schedule a Soul Clearing Session and get started today! If you are interested in Soul Clearing but have questions about how to get started or how my process could help you, please email me to schedule a free phone consultation.

So if you are struggling because you feel stuck with something, I want to encourage you to never believe you are stuck with anything!