Can I Get Help If I Live Out of the Area?

Yes, Charleston Hypnosis Center has been serving clients globally for years!  Telephone and skype sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions! In both sessions, we do an intake to gain an understanding of the problem you wish to overcome. With distance sessions, depending on what type of technique is to be used, the hypnosis portion of the session will either be performed via the phone or recorded for you as an audio download.

How Much Time Will It Take Me at Home to Make This Work?

The true results of hypnosis come from your daily at home listening where the suggestions bombard your subconscious mind creating the changes from the deeper levels of the unconscious mind.  The latest research shows that listening to hypnosis is MOST EFFECTIVE when falling asleep which seems to produce the fastest results! (I call hypnosis the best kept secret for modern life!) 

How is Stage Hypnosis Different from Clinical Hypnosis?

Stage hypnosis is real.  People are volunteering to participate in the antics of the stage show as soon they raise their hand.  You might notice that the hypnotist always starts with five to ten people and usually ends up working with one or two primary “performers” who are highly suggestible and amenable to the suggestions being given.

How is Hypnosis Different than Meditation?

Normally the mind is like a floodlight with your thoughts expanding out in many different directions.  Hypnosis is where your mind is like a laser beam!  Your thoughts are directed to a narrow set of ideas or thoughts to achieve a goal.  Meditation is a quiet mind with no thinking.

Can Everyone Be Hypnotized?

Everyone enters a hypnotic state every day, several times per day. It’s that state you are in when you are watching TV, reading a good book, engrossed in a movie that makes you happy or sad, and while listening to music. It’s the state you are in when you are just waking up or just going to bed. The lightest state of hypnosis (Alpha) is achieved easily and feels like you are daydreaming.   Deep hypnosis which is when your brain waves are resonating in Theta tends to feel more like a light dream state or sleep.

How Many Sessions Before I See Results?

Rebecca is known for rapidly clearing a problem with ONE session rather than making clients come back over and over again. Note: She CANNOT guarantee how long the feelings with last. But for many people it leaves a powerful new mark on their lives as they see the world in a new, unique way. 

Hypnosis is a magical tool for accelerated learning and accelerated change!   Whether it takes one session or several, the results that you get by hiring Rebecca, a Master Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, is designed to get you there as quickly as possible with each session designed to be its own breakthrough! Most of our clients will tell you that our programs helped them to achieve results much faster than they could have done on their own or with more traditional methods that simply address a problem at the logical, thought level.

Do I Need a Doctor or Mental Health Referral?

Hypnosis is widely recognized as a complimentary health modality to supplement and enhance traditional methods of healing. All medical and psychological conditions require a referral from your doctor or licensed mental health professional. All other topics do not require a doctor’s referral.  Medical referral forms are provided upon request.  Contact us for more information.

What Should I Expect in My Initial Hypnosis Session?

The First Session is approximately one hour and 15 minutes. The first 30 minutes of the session, we will review your personal challenges and the goals that you want to achieve with hypnosis. Rebecca will also lead a discussion about how hypnosis can address your concerns. She believes understanding how the hypnosis works is a very important aspect to your success. The next thirty minutes of the session will be the actual hypnosis followed by a brief follow-up at the end to mix your personalized recording, take payment and answer any questions you have. Please let Rebecca know if you would like a CD or MP3 recording of the hypnosis.

Will I Be Unconscious or Asleep When Hypnotized?

The fact is, you do not have to go to sleep or lose consciousness to experience success with hypnosis. On the contrary, most clients achieve a very pleasant alpha brain wave state or daydream level of hypnosis in their first session.  Hypnosis is not a state of being unconscious. It is a state of deep relaxation or focused concentration instead. At home, on second and consecutive listening of your recording, most clients experience a deeper level of hypnosis (theta brain wave state) which feels like light sleep. This happens because your conscious mind is your protector and once it has heard the suggestions in the office and is comfortable with them, you will go deeper relaxed with consecutive listening sessions.

Do You Guarantee Results?

When you purchase a session from Charleston Hypnosis Center, you are investing your time and money in the most highly trained and qualified hypnosis professionals in the country.  Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH has over 21 years and 50,000 clinical hours of experience making her an expert in the field!   She has personally trained her team of associates!  With decades of experience, we build our reputation on getting results with our clients. Our independent customer reviews speak for themselves!  With that said, individual results vary based on a number of factors including client motivation and efforts.  We are 100% dedicated to making every single client satisfied with our results!

Does Insurance Cover Hypnosis?

Charleston Hypnosis Center does not process insurance claims because each insurance company has different policies about hypnosis and the terms under which it is covered are constantly changing from year to year from policy to policy.

However, many insurance companies do cover insurance for issues such as anxiety, smoking cessation, and weight loss with a medical doctor’s referral. Many Health Insurance Savings Plans allow you to use pre-tax HSA dollars for Smoking Cessation and some other areas of need. Check with your human resource representative. Oftentimes, if you tell them why you are coming for hypnosis, you can get your sessions pre-approved for HSA Tax dollar use.

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