Rebecca gives people the mental tools to help them increase their ‘I can do it” attitude.
— Banyan - age 10
Amazing!!! Rebecca made the whole 1st experience wonderful for my son. For the first time he feels like he has found a solution to his stuttering. She took so much time educating us on the process. My son is looking forward to his next session. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone and everyone. Just learning how to relax would be the benefit of a lifetime.
— Lisa A. Charleston, SC

Give yourself and your children one of the most lasting and far reaching gifts you can give them. The gift of learning how to manage stress and its related emotions in a positive and proactive manner.

I am often asked if children benefit from hypnosis. Children are very creative and thus, it is easy for them to respond to Hypnosis and Guided Imagery.  


With children under age 12, I will usually meet with the parent, and then make the hypnosis recording for the child to listen to at home like an "audio bedtime story."  Furthermore, the hypnosis recordings are custom recorded in such a way where the child perceives that they are simply participating in an imaginary story about themselves which is positive, soothing, and encouraging.

In general, children, age 12and over, are ideal subjects. They are mature enough to understand many of the concepts I teach (like your mind is like a computer) and are highly connected to their right brain creative capacities (better than adults!).  Hypnosis is a right brain creative process intended to achieve a goal.  As opposed to logic- left brain processes. 

I have had excellent success with this age group for nervous habits, study and test taking improvement as well as sports.  See below for more detail or email me! 

The number of sessions can't be exactly predicted but hypnosis is, by design, a set of self-help tools.   In great part, this has to do with client motivation and their willingness to do the at-home listening recommended to learn the new relaxation techniques which will replace the old unwanted habit and create new ones.

Anxiety is very common for sensitive children especially if they have gone through a big transition like moving, divorce, loss of a loved one or changing schools. It can trigger unwanted habits like nail biting, hair pulling, a lack of focus at school and numerous other undesired manifestations.  Nightly listening to hypnosis or guided imagery recording can help to clear stress and stressful emotions daily and allow the child to feel more confident and happy, thus allowing new healthy habits to be embraced.

Michelle Welsh - Mother

Michelle Welsh - Mother

Praise for Rebecca...

"I recently brought my son to Rebecca because he was having a difficult time in school with focus, attention, and self confidence. He was overwhelmed with anxiety and feeling like he just wasn't good enough. In his hypnosis session, Rebecca armed him with the tools he needed to succeed both in and out of school. She was able to help him gain laser focus as well as the confidence he needed in himself. I had a meeting with his teacher one week after his hypnosis and while she was unaware that he had a hypnosis session, she did say there had been a tremendous improvement in my son! He was focusing better and staying on task too. I was delighted to hear that he was doing his best and succeeding! He is so much happier and his self image has greatly improved!" - Michelle Welsh - Mount Pleasant, SC


Confidence and Self-Esteem - Many children can overcome anxiety and fears by working on self-confidence. With children, incorporating symbols and metaphors into imagery is quite effective.

Eating Habits - Young children can overcome picky eating habits with hypnosis and imagery.

Focus and Test Taking - Young children can get distracted in the classroom and there are many great visualization techniques to help them overcome this problem.   I have been very successful with this topic.

Fears and Phobias - All types of fears can be overcome with hypnosis.  Some specific areas including:  needles, animals, sports, foods.

Sleep - Hypnosis is a fantastic natural method of enhancing sleep for children.

Stress - Many children enjoy listening to their parents stress reduction recordings and then their parents end up buying them their own recordings or sending them for their own sessions!

Sleepwalking - I worked with a teenage boy who successfully overcame a sleepwalking problem that had plagued him for years. It took one hypnosis session!

Stuttering - I helped a 9 year old boy stop stuttering after 4 sessions.  It had been affecting his school performance because he didn't want to talk in school and his basketball performance.  Two years later his mother called to tell me that he was still stutter free, getting straight A's and was the captain of his basketball team.

Sports Improvement - is a very effective and popular topic in my hypnosis practice.I have worked with many children for sports such as gymnastics, cheering, golf, baseball, basketball, and soccer to address fears and self-confidence as well as to improve mental rehearsal imagery.

One local young high school student named Jake won his first golf tournament after just one of my sports hypnosis sessions.  Yep, that's his scorecard to the right!

Hypnosis and imagery will be recorded for your child so they can do the at home listening necessary to see more rapid and lasting success.  Kids love to listen at night or while riding on the way to their sporting events.

Jake Morris won his first golf tournament after one session!  Go Jake!

Jake Morris won his first golf tournament after one session!  Go Jake!