Chronic stress coming from either a current relationship or one that has ended depletes vital energy and confidence necessary to reach your peak potential.
— Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH

Is this you?

  •  You constantly rehash the relationship in your mind.
  • You still go to bed thinking about your ex.
  • You wonder if you have a love addiction.
  • You stalk your ex on Facebook or other social media sites.
  • Your head says to move on but your heart won’t let go.
  • You still carry powerful emotions about your ex like anger.
  • You know that you need to effect a total mind, body, spirit clearing to move on.

Break ups, divorce and infidelity can be as painful or often rock the very foundation of our beings leaving us feeling, lonely, flawed, enraged, undesirable, and empty. For many, there is an on-going feeling that a piece of their very soul went away when the relationship ended.

These feelings can persist for months, even years. They can impair you from ever truly loving or being happy again. 

If you are someone looking for love, that soul mate, that person to make life worth while, you may also find yourself in a day to day struggle with feelings of low self-esteem and even depression. 

The stress of these experiences can drain any motivation you have to take your life and your career to the next level. 



I came to see Rebecca because, despite previous counseling for issues surrounding my past dysfunctional relationships, I kept attracting negative men to my life. Although I was very aware of the problem, I felt stuck as if there was something deeper preventing me from finding a man that would value me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Rebecca and I chatted about my experiences with men and what I was struggling with. Her warm nature and ability to relate personally really put me at ease. Each session helped to bring more clarity to my life and situation. Now I feel a sense of freedom and confidence I didn’t have before and I feel I am finally ready to meet Mr. Right.
— – Christina, Dallas, Texas

Yes, hypnosis can help you move past a broken heart whether it is from divorce, break-up, or infidelity. First, it might be helpful to understand that your inner mind is very protective. It’s goal is for physical, mental, and emotional survival. It uses your memories to help you avoid danger. In other words, we hold on to and even replay upsetting memories as an inherent way of survival.

Rebecca magically blends coaching, hypnosis and other innovative transformation tools to help you move past the pain and stress of divorce, break-up, or infidelity. It can help you to regain or capture for the very first time the positive self-esteem and confidence you need to feel happy within your own self.  For this is the place, you want to get to in order to go forward and attract healthy love relationships in the future.

She can help you clear the negative emotions and memories around a person. You won’t be hypnotized to forget but instead to reframe how you respond to that infidelity, break-up or negative experience so that you feel empowered and in ownership of your own feelings and responses instead of reactive to someone else and your memories around them.

Heal Your Heart is a Breakthrough Transformation Program to help to:

•Stop obsessing on your ex.
•Take back your power and reclaim your energy.
•Free yourself from the heartache of your past.
•Stop the cycle of addictive thinking and ruminating on the past.
•Release stressful emotions and become emotionally hopeful and empowered.
•Love yourself, own your worth, and know you are a unique prize!
•Rebuild your confidence and attract a healthy mate because you are healthy yourself!

I first went to see Rebecca Shaw because I felt I had lost my way and needed help to find the right path. We discussed my recent split from my husband. Boy, did she guide me in the proper direction! We decided what I truly needed was to take time to ‘heal my heart”. With Rebecca’s kindness and gentle guidance, in exactly 90 days, she gave me the tools to protect myself with love and light, to recognize what was not working in my past life, to align myself with my spiritual purpose and to release the past to its highest good. I now have the tools to face the past with strength and courage, while moving forward with dignity and grace. Although I have completed “heal your heart”, I know that she is always there for loving support and spiritual guidance. I am truly blessed and grateful to have Rebecca Shaw in my life!

The reason that hypnosis is so helpful is because intellectually you might know that the end of a relationship is for the best. And yet knowing something is for the best doesn’t necessarily help you to forgive, move on, and heal your heart. Hypnosis and Guided Imagery are tools that can facilitate a change at deeper level of your mind, body, and spirit. They can help you move past devastation, loss, and regret and rediscover inner peace and hope in a profoundly enlightening and empowering manner.

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In our very first session you will:

  1. Discover your specific hidden barriers sabotaging you from releasing your ex.
  2. Learn how to get off the roll-coaster of emotions easier than you imagined!
  3. Receive a custom hypnosis recording that day to initiate your breakthrough at the subconscious level!

Important Note: Heal Your Heart is not an alternative to counseling and/or psychotherapy. This is an educational program that involves self-hypnosis and interactive guided imagery intended to help the client facilitate their own inner changes. Please be aware that if you have active suicidal intent, homicidal intent or a diagnosis of unstable mental health, this program is not recommended for you.