“Clearing your blocks to self-confidence is probably the most important inner work you will ever do to ensure on-going success.”
— Rebecca Taylor Shaw

 If you feel like you are pushing to accomplish more and no matter how things turn out it's never good enough down on yourself, it's time to do some core transformation work.  Positive confidence and self-worth are the core elements necessary to experience consistent success in:

Is this you?

  • Your inner critic constantly berates your efforts.
  • You refuse to acknowledge even your smallest achievements.
  • You find it difficult to accept praise or compliments.
  • Negative voices and stories from your past keep replaying in your mind.
  • Fear of failure has you paralyzed?
  • You don't believe you are good enough or powerful enough to succeed?

Now, you can harness your confidence for...

  • Moving up in your career.
  • Sports
  • Public peaking
  • Coping with change
  • Body Confidence (natural weight loss)
  • Charging what you're worth and getting it.
  • Relationships!
    • Do you feel like you keep experiencing the same problems in your relationships?
    • Do you base your value on whether you are in a relationship and whether that person is making you feel loved?
    • When you are around other attractive women, do you feel inferior?
    • Do you constantly worry whether you’re good enough for the guy you’re with?
    • Do you hold yourself back in love because you’re afraid you’ll lose and get hurt?
    • Do you constantly obsess about what your man and the status of your relationship instead of focusing on whether you needs are getting met?
    • Do you struggle with problem jealousy?
    • In relationships, are you always trying to figure out what HE is thinking?

The missing link is investing in your mindset, one that will help you to feel confident, own your worth and attract a mate with whom you can have a healthy, happy relationship!

Our team of hypnosis experts canhelp you access your hidden roadblocks so you can:  

  • Clear Negative and Limiting Beliefs
  • Retire the Self-Critical Voice
  • Eliminate the Patterns of Self-Sabotage and Self-Defeat
  • Develop the Positive Feelings of Self-Confidence
  • Learn the Art of Self-Empowerment!
You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity
— Epicurus