If you truly want to heal a problem that is karmic, you must start in this moment and work backwards through this life clearing all the way back through the time in the womb and then back through your past lives. You must clear along the entire spectrum of your Soul.
— Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH

Many people enjoy exploring the fascinating world of Past Life Regression and the Time Between Lives. These experiences offer a valuable opportunity for each of us to deepen our understanding of the soul as a timeless, perpetual essence. However, if you are intuitively seeking these experiences as your path to healing, it is important to know that they comprise a subset of a broader set of modalities that may be necessary for deep, karmic clearing.

Soul Clearing is a unique, powerful signature program that Rebecca has created based upon 2o years of working with clients to clear persisting (core) emotional wounds and recurring life challenges. It takes you on a journey to clear the underlying triggers and causes of a persisting problem emotion or pattern. “How long have you had this problem?” I will ask someone. If it’s a core wound, the answer is usually, “As long as I can remember.” And sometimes, I even hear them say, “I feel like I came in to this life with the problem!”

This program is for you if you answer yes to one or more of these:

  • A feeling that you came into this life with the problem emotion or core wound.
  • Recurring problem emotions like sadness, fear, and anger that keeps showing up in your life and never seems to be resolved.
  • A sense that your negative response to something is extremely exaggerated under the circumstances and it keeps occurring.
  • A limiting or negative belief that you just can’t seem to overcome not matter how much you try.
  • You know that your problem stems from incidents in this life and past life.

Soul Clearing  is performed over the course of one or more half day intensives and may include one or more of the following:

Current Life Regression

When our soul comes in with karma, we will choose to experience upsets and traumas that trigger the core wound(s) in this life. Usually the wounding begins in childhood. What your conscious mind perceives is the  source of a problem is often very different from the experiences which comes up in this hypnotic regression session. Clients are often amazed at where the inner mind takes them as they seek out and clear the roots of the problem in this lifetime.

In-Utero Exploration

Most souls choose to inhabit the physical body some time in utero.  The feelings and experiences of the pregnant mother strongly influence your emotional and physical health. In this powerful session, you will discover how the circumstances of conception and your mother’s pregnancy play a part in your soul’s journey. You will clear any negative influences or core beliefs that were acquired during this time.

Past Life Regression

You will be guided to clear the unresolved karma of past lives that is contributing to your current life challenges in a unique, in-depth perspective. Many past life regression therapists do not clear to completion, thus leaving the issues ultimately unresolved. In this in-depth journey, you will guided to fully understand the full cycle of the karmic wisdom that is necessary to obtain in order to more completely release the core wounds and move forward into emotional freedom.

Soul Group Unification

In the final stage, you will take a journey to the time between lives when your soul chose this life, the karma that you would bring forward and the “setup” involving the people and challenges that you would experience which would give you the greatest opportunity for expansion and soul growth.


Julia – Anger and Victim Mentality

A young woman in her mid-twenties came to me with a desire to clear a chronic pattern ofanger and victim mentality which continued to derail her relationships. She shared that she was an orphan raised by two loving nuns in a foreign country and could not put her finger on any specific incidents that would be the cause of the negative feelings.   In her first session of regression hypnosis, she did remember and clear several incidents from this life that triggered her anger and feelings of being victimized.  During her In-Utero session, she had the shocking recall of being conceived during a rape.  (The nuns had never revealed information about her father to her.)  She was astounded to connect her deep feelings of rage with her biological father (the rapist) just as strong feelings of powerlessness from her birth mother (the victim).  She had the astounding revelation that she had taken on these emotions into her own essence and had been carrying them since the moment of her conception.  At the end of her Soul Clearing Sessions, she felt lighter and emotionally unburdened to realize that many of the emotions she held were inherited and could be released.

David – Chronic Depression and Guilt

A successful, stockbroker came seeking a solution for a lifetime of sadness and guilt.  In the session for current life clearing, he shifted core wounds and a negative sense of self that he had taken on from his critical mother.  In his past life regression, he recalled living in Nazi occupied Germany during World War II.  He knew some of his neighbors were hiding a Jewish family who lived in their village.  Caught up in the dogma of the government, he reported both families to the local Nazi commander and they were all shot in the village square.   In the moment that he witnessed the mass execution,  extreme guilt and sadness came over him and a deep sense of regret ensued which stayed with him for his entire life.  In his journey between lives session, he realized that he had chosen to come in with sadness and guilt into this life in order to clear the emotions and his karma.  His mother in this life was one of the women who was shot in the previous life due to his actions.  After his Soul Regression series, he expressed that his depression had finally lifted for the first time in his life.  He believed that he could go forward now and finally live emotionally free.