“When you recall something, you don’t recall what originally happened; you recall what you recalled the last time you recalled it. A memory is preserved in a plastic state. You can sculpt it or update it. Theoretically, any memory, including a fear or declarative memory-being able to say what you had for breakfast yesterday-is capable of being modified.”
— Roger Pitman, a professor of psychiatry Harvard University

Is this you?

• Does stress and anxiety seem to rule your life?
• Are you constantly cycling through your fears?
• Do you feel emotionally exhausted daily?
• Do you sponge up the negativity from the world around you?
• Frustrated because you know how you want to feel more in control but it’s not happening?
• Just surviving the day when you really want to be living a life of passion and purpose?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, please know that I have helped people just like you to break the worry, anxiety, and panic cycles.  In fact, I have created and perfected a 5 step program to help you identify and clear the triggers to anxiety.

Brooke Ryan, Morning Show Radio Host for Mix96 Charleston after she cleared her phobia of fish using my 5 step program

Brooke Ryan, Morning Show Radio Host for Mix96 Charleston after she cleared her phobia of fish using my 5 step program

I am happy to say that my work with Rebecca to overcome my lifelong fear of fish was a complete success!
— Brooke Ryan, Radio Show Personality

If you suffer from anxiety or panic then you are already doing a form of self-hypnosis.   This is when you are thinking, worrying or making pictures in your mind of some undesirable future event happening or you are reliving stressful events from the past. The result of creating an intense, negative picture or story in your mind of some kind of trauma or strife, whether it be from the past or a possible future, is that your reaction to your inner experience is so intense that the body has a physiological response to this perceived danger. That reaction is called “fight or flight.”

The Anxiety Network International recommends using coping statements for fears and anxiety.  Purpose: to put a stop to the thoughts that lead to anxiety, and to replace those thoughts with realistic, rational thoughts. Then, when these self-statements are practiced and learned, your brain takes over automatically. This is a form of conditioning, meaning that your brain chemistry (neurotransmission) actually changes as a result of your new thought habits.  A personalized hypnosis recording of post-hypnotic suggestions to help you cope has been found to improve and increase the success of this method.  In fact, it is one of the steps in my 5 step method for overcoming anxiety

“Your memory of a specific event is only as good as your last memory of that event. Thus, every time you dredge up a memory, good or bad, it’s susceptible to change.”
— Nueroscientist & Fear Expert, Joseph LeDoux

Hypnosis is a drug-free tool that can help you to change the way you are thinking of a past memory that is causing you stress or anxiety. It can help you transform your mindset about future events as well.