Overcoming Grief with Guided Imagery

Intellect alone cannot help us heal from the loss of a loved one. Hypnosis and guided imagery help you go beyond logic and effect healing at the deeper levels of the subconscious mind, emotions, and spirit.
— Rebecca Taylor Shaw

Only time heals the loss of a loved one…or does it? Over the course of 20 years, I have worked with a vast number of clients to heal from the grief of losing a loved one to death. In many cases, the loss came as a shock when the loved one died unexpectedly. In others, the loss is felt just as painfully when the passing was expected to happen due to illness or aging. In either circumstance, when we lose someone close to us, it is evident that on the emotional level, there is no such thing as time. The loss of a loved one can be felt for years, decades or even a lifetime.

Many of the unique imageries, symbols and affirmations that I use with my clients and in my audio hypnosis recordings have been born out of my own journey out of some emotional pain towards peace and serenity.   I lost my father when he was days away from a kidney transplant.  He was so positive about his prognosis that I never suspected how ill he actually was until I got the call.  For months afterwards, I had dreams where I woke up crying.  In one of those dreams, I was there for him at his passing and got to say goodbye.  In another, I am visiting him in a park like setting and I know we are in heaven.  He is talking to me in a way he always did in life, kind, wise, and loving.

One day I experienced a spontaneous imagery during a meditation.   A spontaneous imagery is like a dream that happens when you are awake.  It has elements that are unexpected and go beyond anything your logical mind would have created.

In the imagery,  I am standing in a beautiful green meadow. There are shade trees and a brilliant blue sky up above. My father is there and he is young and healthy and smiling at me. I begin to cry. He says, “You don’t have to be sad. What is real can never be taken from you.” I reply, “Then, are you saying that you were never real? Because you are not with me any more.” He looks at me with such compassion in his eyes and he speaks with such certainty, “Now, I am always with you.”

Then, I hand him my pain and sorrow in the form of a dark ball of energy. He transforms it into orange butterflies that rise above us and spread out over the green meadow. I feel as if a heaviness inside has released and I am ready to face the day with love and hope in my heart.