The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
— Albert Einstein

Are you ready to discover your intuitive potential, tap into your higher self, and access the Divine?

Rebecca’s Advanced Intuitive Development Programs offer a unique and powerful training series unlike any others offered on the market today.  Learn to:

  • Develop confidence in your intuitive impressions
  • Learn the art of healthy discernment and detachment
  • Discover and create your unique psychic dictionary
  • Connect with your guides and angels
  • Learn to perform a variety of reading types confidently
  • Identify your Psychic Signature:  How and Where You Will Uniquely Use Your Gifts!

Through her unprecedented, multidisciplinary approach, Rebecca integrates the most effective elements of Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Life between Lives journeys, and Guided Imagery all into one experiential program that highly accelerates your learning and intuitive development. You will learn how to establish a unique “psychic shorthand” of your own in order to recognize and de-code the individualized messages you receive as well as to communicate with your spirit guides and angels.

Some people take Rebecca’s program simply to learn to manage the overload of extrasensory input they are receiving and develop the skill to discern for the purpose of greater inner peace, clarity, and happiness. Others work with Rebecca with the goal to develop their individual intuitive talents and find their “soul purpose” for this life. After the completion of this program, many of Rebecca’s clients have developed the clarity and self-trust needed to become active Lightworkers and cutting edge visionaries within their circle of influence. Whatever your objective may be, Rebecca uses simple processes that produce profound results and produce deep changes in less time than many other methods.

PRIVATE 10 WEEK PROGRAM:  When Rebecca works privately with you, she personalizes the training curriculum specifically to help you move through personal blocks, realize your intuitive potential and discover your unique psychic signature which is how you uniquely receive intuitive guidance and apply your intuitive gifts in the world. To be certain, you will not be the same after this adventure of discovery and empowerment!

GROUP WORKSHOP SERIES:  The advantage of a group is that you can share your experiences with one another as you progress and practice with other like-minded students to build your confidence as you learn and grow. Many students like having the instant feedback and a safe, non-judgmental environment to test your newfound skills. Come ready to be gently guided to move beyond your comfort zone and expand your intuitive abilities!   See calendar for next workshop series...