Sean “The Beast”Fister

3 Time World Champion, Certified Hypnotist & Expert in the Mental Game of Sports

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3 Time World Long Drive Champion in Golf

3 Time World Long Drive Champion in Golf

Sean Fister overcame long odds, countless obstacles and hardship to become an elite athlete in two different sports. 

He credits Hypnotherapy for overcoming self doubt, physical limitations, and naysayers to become a record setting pole vaulter in high school and college, and a three-time World Long Drive Champion in golf and inducted to three Hall of Fame’s.

  1. Long Drive Hall of Fame

  2. Arkansas Golf Hall of Fame

  3. Poplar Bluff Sports Hall of Fame (Missouri)

  4. President of Long Drive Hall of Fame

  5. Author “The Long Drive Bible”

  6. 3-time World Long Drive Champion

  7. 13 World Championship Records

  8. 4-time Captain U.S. Long Drive Team (4-0)

  9. Top ranked collegiate pole vaulter

  10. Athletic Scholarship at University of Florida

  11. Missouri State Champion - Pole Vault

  12. High School and College School Records -Pole Vault

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Sean Fister and Jack Nicklaus

Sean Fister and Jack Nicklaus


Sean Fister Mental Performance Coach

Take your sports performance to the next level!

Sean can help you to:

  • Learn stress management skills to perform better under pressure

  • Become more motivated and goal oriented

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Identify strengths

  • Become more consistent in performance

  • Increase focus and concentration skills

  • Improve preparation for athletes

  • Develop Mental Imagery for peak performance

  • Eliminate distractions

  • Replace Self Doubt with Self Belief

  • Overcome obstacles to achieve

  • Break through performance barriers

  • Get unstuck and getting to the next level

  • Create a winning mindset

  • Remove negativity

  • Prepare for competition

  • Create Self talk strategies

  • Develop a Positive attitude

  • Break bad habits

  • Create effective routines

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