Releasing what no longer serves you has never been faster, easier, and more enjoyable...

SYNERGYWERK™ is an innovative holistic healing modality created through the collaborative efforts of Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH and Edward Schultz, CRM.  Together, they combine the best of two complimentary health modalities, hypnotherapy and Reiki energy, into powerful transformative session for clients. 

“That just may be the most powerful healing session I have ever had. Not kidding!” - Kay Vitali

”That was a life-changing experience!” - Beth Reigart

Oftentimes, in their healing journeys, people get stuck.  Our experience shows that the reason people get stuck and stay stuck is because they are not aware that in order to resolve their problem, they must consider addressing the issue from a holistic approach both as it relates to their problem and the solution to their problem.  

By that we mean that, 

 at a mind, body, and spirit level. 

 Thus, the need, the power, and the efficacy of  SYNERGYWERK.


The word Synergy, by definition, is two parts coming together that are greater than the two parts separately.  Think 1+1=3.

SYNERGYWERK™ is an innovative holistic modality conducted by two practitioners working together during one powerful healing session which combines hypnotherapy and energy work to help you to clear problem emotions, health issues, and past trauma.

Hypnotherapy addresses the problem at the deeper levels of the subconscious and the emotions.

The energy work addresses the problem on the physical and energetic level although some say it works to the level of DNA.

Hypnotherapy + Reiki Energy Work = Wow! 

SYNERGYWERK™ is recommended for clients with deep seated stubborn emotional pain and trauma or health challenges who want to achieve astonishing life changes.

Do you struggle with?

  • Unresolved emotional pain
  • Chronic physical pain
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Low energy
  • Chronic Sadness, Anxiety or Anger
  • Residual stress from traumatic events in the past 


What to Expect After Your SYNERGYWERK Session:

It's perfectly normal to experience..

A Continued Release of Emotions - Simply allow them to be released without judgement. Emotions are just feelings, they do not define who you are or what level of healing you are currently at.

Tiredness - Allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate after a SYNERGYWERK™ Session if you feel the need.  Many deep emotions are released, which can be tiresome for your body. 

Thirsty - Please drink several glasses of water after your SYNERGYWERK™ Session to help release any toxins that are working to be removed from your body.

Hungry - You might feel an intense hunger, which means your body worked hard to release the emotions that were stored.  Eat a healthy yet light meal to give your body fuel.

Insights - Many times when patterns have been uncovered in your life, you will continue to process your synergy experience and gain additional insights about your past, relationships, etc. You may even continue to uncover other insights in your life.  Take note of these insights and allow yourself to enjoy your new awareness.


About the creators of SYNERGYWORK™: