Attention All You Busy, Heart Centered Women!

You Are Invited to




Are you yearning to find more meaning in the life you have?

Do you dream about stepping into the spotlight and making your mark?


You battle daily stress or anxiety?

Perhaps feel like your resilience is low?

Or you feel like something is holding you back from gaining traction?

You feel like you struggle to just get through the day?

You know you are ready to do more with your life but something inside holds you back?

You second guess your decisions and feel a disconnect with your inner wisdom?

And thus living your bigger purpose and making your mark just seems like an elusive dream...

You are invited to a most extraordinary experience: 

The Mermaid's Journey Retreat! 

The MERMAID is an archetypal image that embodies the Divine Feminine and our connection to empower yourself through your emotions, your creativity, and your intuition.  A Mermaid is a woman at ease diving below the surface and finding the pearls of the wisdom and power there. She symbolizes a woman who is fearless in her willingness to transform herself first so she can make her mark and join the rank of Mermaids transforming the world.

The next step in self-empowerment and reaching your fullest potential is here!

Rolling Dates of Arrival:  May 20-27, May 21-28 & May 22-29.

Grand Mayan Resort - Riviera Maya, Mexico has one of the largest swimming pools in Latin America

Grand Mayan Resort - Riviera Maya, Mexico has one of the largest swimming pools in Latin America

Mermaid’s Journey Retreat to Riviera Maya Mexico with Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH

Transformational expert Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH is renowned for helping people unlock their hidden wisdom and power to create the purposeful and authentic lives they desire.  Rebecca is the creator of The Mermaid’s Journey, a powerful step by step experiential process which shows you how to dive deep and go way beyond the traditional masculine, analytical way of healing and problem solving.  During your Mermaid’s Journey Retreat,  you will be guided through a magical process called “Interpersonal Guided Imagery” which teaches you how to access spontaneous images, insights, and messages from your subconscious mind and your higher self.   By the end of the journey you will have connected with your own hidden wisdom for the purpose of self-empowerment, self-healing,  and inner transformation.

“Rebecca’s workshop was a turning point for me. It helped me to trust my intuition and make life changes I had been hesitant to make.
I also benefited from the tribe of women in the workshop. The magic unfolded as each woman expressed her unique mermaid journey to the group. We all learned from one another. It was a wonderful experience that I will always remember.”
— Audrey L. Chicago, IL
Riviera May Beach - It’s just a 30 minute drive from Cancun International Airport

Riviera May Beach - It’s just a 30 minute drive from Cancun International Airport

The Grand Mayan is a luxurious, five-star, seaside resort which offers the ultimate setting for you to be taken through the step by step process to connect with your own unique mermaid energy and discover its power in your life for healing, accessing your intuition, clearing inner roadblocks, and reaching your fullest potential with amazing speed and ease!


When you attend, you will be empowering other women to renew and uplevel their lives!  All proceeds from the Mermaid's Journey Retreat Mexico 2016 go to send breast cancer survivors on post-treatment renewal & empowerment vacations courtesy of Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH &

Excursion Option:  Museo de Subaquatico

Excursion Option:  Museo de Subaquatico

Your Mermaid's Journey at the Grand Mayan, Riviera Maya, Mexico will be a vacation unlike any other you've ever taken. 

First the setting:  The Grand Mayan is luxury vacationing meets natural beauty to create a place filled with adventure and relaxation during the day and excitement by night. This unique vacation destination, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, possesses everything you could ever need to experience true happiness: JOYÀ, a resident Cirque du Soleil show; five luxury resort hotels; world-class restaurants; spectacular pools; shopping boutiques; a Jack Nicklaus golf course; wooden pathways connecting the resort; indulgent spas, and round-the-clock service from the most attentive staff in Mexico.

Renew your spirit and revitalize your senses at the Brio Spa - Just one of the spa rooms you can  enjoy at your Mermaids Journey Retreat

Renew your spirit and revitalize your senses at the Brio Spa - Just one of the spa rooms you can  enjoy at your Mermaids Journey Retreat

Second:  Fill your vacation with the pampering you deserve with a visit to one of our beautiful, fully outfitted spas which you have access to during your entire stay.  Experience estate-of-the-art spa facilities with a wide variety of fine treatments, and expert staff to ensure you find the utter relaxation you’re seeking.   As a Mermaid's Journey participant, you will also receive a Mermaid Makeover!  Prepare to be pampered and magically transformed inside and out with an exclusive spa experience which includes hair, make-up, and nail treatment.  Then, you will receive a photo shoot where you will actually get to pose as the mystical Mermaid! That's right, you will get transformed and photographed as a beautiful Mermaid.  Experience includes a photo keepsake to retain your mermaid essence when you go back to everyday life!

I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.
— Anais Nin

Finally, Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH takes you on a profound journey of inner transformation that holds the potential to change the quality and direction of your life. You will attend her three day workshop called "The Mermaid's Journey" where you will be guided step by step to harness the power of your emotions and your intuition to take your confidence, your inner peace, and your power to heal from within to the next level.

Intuition gives you the edge in life and in business

Intuition gives you the edge in life and in business


By spending this week with me, you will:

  • Come to understand and honor yourself on multiple levels
  • Connect strongly with the inner wisdom within you.
  • Clear out old hindrances
  • Learn to hear your authentic voice
  • Recognize your intuitive gifts, and learn how to access and develop them
  • Find healthier ways to overcome your challenges and rise above any obstacles in your path
  • Learn advanced techniques for managing emotional stress and anxiety
  • Attract more joy, abundance, and peace into your life
  • Improve your relationships and your ability to communicate with others
  • Initiate into a higher level of consciousness
  • Become the light you were always meant to be
  • Learn to help others without depleting yourself
  • Step into your destiny

What others are saying…

  •  I connected so intimately with qualities that I value most in life - freedom, truth, beauty, joy and love! Frolicking about in the ocean with the mermaid tail was magical and being completely transformed into a mermaid goddess for the photo shoot was liberating in a deeply empowering way and the pictures continue to remind me of just how powerful I am to design my destiny. - Karen Knight
  • I experienced an awakening of my inner self. I was transformed and empowered to allow my inner beauty and strength within to shine through as my authentic self, fully living my calling with passion and purpose! - Janice Duhame


  • 3 Day Mermaid's Journey Emotional Empowerment Workshop
  • Spa Day of Beauty including hair, nails, and make-up
  • Mermaid Photo Shoot with Photo Keepsake
  • Hotel setting in a beautiful natural jungle preserve
  • 17 wonderful bars & restaurants
  • 15 pristine pools
  • 3 sanctuaries: flamingo, crocodile, and sea turtle
  • 1 Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course
  • Luxurious spa amenities included in your package

Mermaid's Journey Retreat Package Includes:

$1,499 - 7 Night - Five Star Hotel Accommodations with spa and pool amenities

$500- Three Day Workshop with Transformation Expert Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH

$300 - Hair, Nails Make-Up and Optional Mermaid Photo Shoot & Photo Keepsake

$150 - 3 Breakfasts and 3 Lunches during workshop and Welcome Reception

$50 - Airport to Resort Transfer on Day of Arrival

Airfare, Resort fee, meals and beverages, additional excursions, and return transportation not included.


Early bird special paid by March 15th

  • Your Amazing Investment is Only  $999 (Double Occupancy)
  • Your Chance to Have a Whole Retreat to Yourself $1399 (Single Occupancy)

Pay it forward when you join us!  All proceeds from the Mermaid's Journey Mexico 2016 go to send breast cancer survivors on a retreat!

Questions about the Workshop?  Call Rebecca Taylor Shaw at (843) 597 - 9200

Make your reservation today!  Call Victoria Crittenden, event coordinator at (858) 335-7088