Is this you?

  • Constantly worried about what other people think about you or what you do.
  • Doubt that you have the ability to succeed.
  • You are successful but it never feels like enough.
  • You feel like a faker?
  • You are afraid if you say no or draw boundaries people will be mad or not like you.

Don't let fear and self-doubt run your life?   Hypnosis is a great self help tool for learning how to manage and release stressful emotions.  It's fantastic for clearing old limiting beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of achieving.  Don't live any longer feeling stuck.  Read about how hypnosis can help to release the negativity and gain confidence.

Other Stressful Emotions Hypnosis Helps with....


No one wants to be a hothead!  For some people, anger is not something you can consciously control. It can be like a reflex or knee-jerk response that has you yelling or screaming before you even are conscious of what you are doing. One client told me recently that learning hypnosis for anger was like letting all the steam out of a teapot that was about to explode.

With HYPNOSIS you can learn:

  • How to have a relaxation response to stress instead of an anger response.
  • How to clear your stress daily and prevent blowups.
  • Make peace with yourself and others who have made you angry.
  • Choose how you want to respond to your own anger.
  • About the hidden wisdom behind the anger.
  • How forgiveness is something you do for yourself not others.