Note:  If your recording cuts off after a few minutes on your handheld device, the most common reason for this problem, is that you downloaded your recording directly to the smaller device and have a streaming issue.  If so, delete recording from handheld device and repeat steps above.

IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CD RECORDING OR MEMORY STICK (USB) FILE OF YOUR HYPNOSIS SESSION:  Please make a backup copy.  Our policy is to keep backup copies for all clients for 21 days.  See next section for help with long term back up of one or more hypnosis files.

Instructions for Downloading Your File as an MP3 Recording:

Currently, we file share using:

1) CD - We will burn a copy of your recording onto a CD.  

2) Thumb Drive (Memory Stick/USB Drive) Bring your memory stick with you to your appointments and we will provide a copy for you to take with you.

3)  Google Drive for those who have GMAIL accounts or we use Dropbox for sharing electronic versions of your hypnosis recordings with you. With Google Drive, you will be emailed a link to your gmail email address. 

4) For Dropbox File Sharing:  The following instructions guide you how to download your recordings for use on a computer or handheld electronic device (Phone or Ipad or tablet)


Go to  Download the Dropbox software (free version) to a laptop FIRST.
Once you have the free software downloaded to a laptop, register with a user name and password if you are a new user.  Open email with link to your recording from your LAPTOP browser. Dropbox will save the recording to your Dropbox folder on your laptop.


Download Dropbox App to your handheld device.
Log in to your handheld device using same user ID and password as used on laptop.
Your file will show up on your handheld device.  Tap on the down arrow next to your file and you will see a submenu.  Save the file for playing "Available offline" by moving the button to the right for that file.
Play from your favorite device!


A Note for Private Clients About Your Custom Hypnosis Recordings

Your audio hypnosis is custom recorded and mixed professionally in order to maximize and accelerate your results.  The background music is set to a level which is appealing to most.  If you prefer the background music louder or softer, please email us at within 72 hours with your requested adjustments and we are happy to remix your hypnosis recording to your liking.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Recordings

To maximize your success in achieving your goals, we will provide you with one or more hypnosis audio recordings.  This is a tool you can keep and re-use for many years to come!  It’s part of what makes our sessions so sucessful and cost effective!