Group Workshop Series 2017

Enhance your intuition & channel direct knowledge that empowers you and your soul journey

Beginning Wednesdays, 9:00am - Noon (1 Opening)


Your Spiritual Awakening Continues Here…

There are numerous tribes of indigenous healers and shamans of the world.  They all have in common a deep connection to the physical and the spiritual world that they experience in a natural and harmonious manner.  In the ancient Indian cultures, the path toward enlightenment is an individual one.  We’re expected to trust in our own experiences, awareness, and interpretations. 

While the shamans value the path of prayer and meditation, they also recognize a third path to spirituality: that of direct knowledge.  In modern times, this is often called instinct, intuition, channeling or connecting with higher levels of consciousness.  This series is designed to facilitate just that!



Explore what happens when the ancient & the modern come together to create a SYNERGY (a power greater than the two separates!)

Most people today disregard the ancient teachings and ways of “seeing” because they cannot relate.  As a hypnotherapist, I have observed many correlations between the shamanic healers and my work of taking clients to different levels of consciousness to heal a problem or achieve a goal or develop intuition.

In the indigenous cultures, they teach a very easy way to understand, access, and fully utilize all levels of perception.  The four levels are segmented into 1) physical or sensory level 2) emotional level 3) soul level and 4) spiritual or light energy level.  When you understand the four levels and learn to access with purpose, you enhance your ability to acquire direct knowledge from your higher self, your guides, angels, subconscious mind, the body, and your LEF (Luminous Energy Field).  And you feel more powerful in your life!

In this series of Intuitive Development, the imageries and the discussions will be based on the philosophy of the Peruvian tribal healers which describe the four levels of awareness in terms of four animals:  the serpent, the jaguar, the hummingbird, and the eagle.  You will love the symbolism because it makes it easy to understand, to learn and to respect each level for what it has to offer you! 

After even the first class, you will go back to the world with a totally different perspective! 

Each week, we will explore a different level of perception and you will learn how, when and where that level serves you best in life.  Each week will conclude in a channeling practice which will be fueled by your learnings!   Each workshop is intended for lively discussion, self-awareness and self-development and a final segment dedicated to channeling messages from your higher self, departed loved ones, and the Divine.

By the end, you will have discovered a whole new world, a world within yourself, a world where you have the power to view life from multiple perspectives which empowers you to greater levels of peace, happiness, and fulfillment while expressing your most authentic self.

Workshop Series Outline

Week 1:  The Four Levels of Perception: Mind, Emotions, Soul & Spirit

  • Exercise:  Connect with & Expand Your 8th Chakra
  • Discussion:  The Four Levels of Perception Overview & The Level of the Serpent (Physical)
  • Imagery:  Harvesting Intuition Behind a Physical Symptom
  • Channeling Practice

Week 2: The Mind & Emotional Perception:  The Level of Jaguar

  • Exercise:  Clearing Emotions
  • Discussion – Beliefs, Ideas, & Emotions & Affirmations
  • Imagery: Harvesting the Intuition Behind an Emotion
  • Discussion
  • Channeling Practice

Week 3: The Soul & Sacred Perception – The Level of the Hummingbird

  • Exercise: Clearing  Past Roles & Versions of Self
  • Discussion – Burning Role, Removing Labels, Attaining Higher Awareness, Non-judgment
  • Imagery:  Burning Roles & Solving a Problem from Hummingbird Level
  • Discussion
  • Channeling Practice

Week 4:  Spiritual Perception: Your Luminous Energy Field & The Level of the Eagle

  • Discussion – Your Luminous Energy Field & Clearing Blocks at Level of Eagle
  • Visualization:  Clearing Imprints in Your LEF & Meet Higher Self
  • Discussion
  • Channeling Practice

Week 5:  The Way of the Seer: Our Power to Create a Better Life

  • Discussion:  Manifesting & The Power to Create a Better Life
  • Imagery:  Dreaming Your Destiny into Reality
  • Discussion
  • Channeling Practice

Week 6:  The Way of the Sage:  Becoming One with the Light

  • Discussion: Summary & Reflection
  • Imagery: Descent into the Sacred Blue Cenote
  • Discussion
  • Channeling

Investment for Spring 2016 Intuition Series :  $599 for 6 weeks of 3 Hour Sessions + Six Original 30 Minute Guided Meditations + The latest version of my book, "Advanced Intuition."

Class Size Reserved to 5 people.  4 spots remain for Tuesdays, April 13th – May 18th, Noon to 3:00pm

Checks and cash are accepted.   Please email with questions or to register or fill out your questions on our contact page.  This class will be like on other intuition class you've ever experienced!